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Viera Enterprises is pleased to offer turnkey outsourced IT support & technology options for all clients. We do this by offering various comprehensive IT computer services, help desk support and network support.  We offer options in multiple technological areas. We do IT all. 

Why not put the best telecommunications to work for your business?

Telecommunications is the lifeline of your company. Whether it’s phone or fax services or Internet connectivity, you need reliable bandwidth day in and day out. Let an expert help you make the right choice so you can get the bandwidth you need at a cost you can afford. We’ll find the optimal solution for your company, no matter what your needs are.


It's overwhelming, you are opening a business, and if that is not enough, you need a computer network built from the ground up, and have no idea where to start. We can help. We also help established businesses with restructuring IT networks. Consult with Viera Enterprises. 

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Smart Mobile Device Use

Look around the conference room at your next meeting. How many mobile devices are in use? Now guess how many are managed? The answer: fewer than you think. But why does it matter? Because every phone and tablet is just one click away from infecting your network or compromising your data.

Phones and tablets represent a critical part of the business workflow engine. Treat those devices with the same care and respect that you do with desktops and laptops. Don’t let hackers deploy cyberattacks through the phone.

We offer Mobile Device Management, which secures phones and tablets while protecting the privacy and integrity of an employee’s personal device. Keep your business data safe and separate from personal information — it’s as simple as installing a smart app on the phone or tablet.

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